Association of Communication & Modern Engineers

An institution is a place where imagination, facts and figures are turned into ingenuity and inventiveness. Technology, as we know it today, is the manifestation of thought and action, which has unflinchingly served and enthralled mankind since the invention of the Wheel. Rather than just theories and their application, it revolves around simpler domains such as indigenous thinking, common sense and elementary logic, all of which arise from the Supreme Intelligence, within us.
ACME is a humble attempt to promote and foster this co-existential relationship between students and their talents. The insignia, insinuating Man's eternally progressive leap over the wheel of technology, is symbolic of ACME to inculcate the spirit of engineering, innovation and forward thinking among the youth. ACME has worked tirelessly towards this goal, by churning out several memorable editions, each of which has enlightened, emboldened and inspired an entire generation of engineers of this esteemed department.
ACME let the students free from Delving into the intricacies of philosophy that is of stereotyped lecture rooms, from the tedious practicals and impending assignments. Every year it is observed where students organizes various technical as well as non-technical events. These includes Paper Presentation, Quiz, Debate, Drawing Competitions and many more.